Welcome to Sakrīō!

We are the source of pro-activeness in financial services and technology. We help clients achieve their investment goals and true potential through a combination of active and passive investment strategies. We also help them to leverage from our expertise in ICT providing innovative technology solutions.

Our services

Our services can be segregated into the following areas:

  • Portfolio management,
  • Trading strategies,
  • Risk management, 
  • Analytics, and
  • Technology solutions
In each of these areas we offer the following:
  • Comprehensive solutions from conceptualisation to development
  • Augment existing client solutions
  • Implement solutions client specified in a language of your choice
For further information about our services can be found user services.

NB: Any trading or investment management strategies we develop are primarily targeted towards accredited investors depending on jurisdiction. We provide support services to Investment Advisory / Asset Management firm in certain jurisdictions. We are not an Investment Advisory / Asset Management firm, which offers such services to the public, thus this website or subsequent communications does not constitute investment advice or solicitation thereof.